About me :

First Name: Hamid

Last Name: Mosaddeghi

Date/Place of Birth: Friday, 25th  July 1980/Mashhad-Iran

Social status: Married

Academic Position :  Ph.D. of Physical Chemistry


Educations :

♣   B. Sc. Chemistry, Semnan , Shahrood, Shahrood University of Technology,Iran (2000-2004).


♣   M. Sc. Physical Chemistry, Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology,Iran (2004-2007).

Subject: Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles via Disproportional Method, Characterization with LSPR Spectroscopy and its Dispersion.

Supervisor: Prof. Ezat Keshavarzi and Assoc. Prof. Yousef Ghayeb


♣   Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology,Iran (2007-2013).

SubjectMolecular Dynamics Simulation of the Pure State and Binary Mixture of Confined Fluids in Graphite Slit Nanopore: Water and Methanol Systems

Supervisor: Prof. Saman Alavi, Prof. Bijan Najafi  and Assist. Prof.  M.H. Kowsari.


Research Interests :

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Confined Fluids and Nanofluids ,

     Computation some properties as Hydrogen bond , Viscosity, Thermal Conductivity ,......

      Working with: DL_POLY , NAMDGromacsGaussian,..

♣  Synthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles

♣  LSPR Spectroscopy for Size Characterization of Metallic Nanoparticles e.g. Ag, Au, Cu nanoparticles and their composite

♣  Nanofluids

Computational Chemistry